Farm Stay Kangaroo Valley

Desiderata Kangaroo Valley is a family home and we love entertaining children.

The property has sprawling flat lawns which allow for children to run around and play all while parents are sitting on the deck relaxing and still being able to watch and provide supervision.

Desiderata provides numerous family fun outdoor games including: soccer, badminton, frisbees and tetherball.

We also provide indoor board games, jigsaw puzzles and playing cards.

The property has a organic orchard and we invite guests to enjoy the fresh produce when available. There are 4 friendly goats that children can feed, they love raw vegetable scraps, nuts and fruit.

Kangaroo Valley Cinematography and Filming Venue

Desiderata Kangaroo Valley, has been identified as a perfect venue for cinematography and film production.

A number of film companies have utilised this venue for their productions. The property is not only spacious to work in, but it boasts wonderful backdrops of the sandstone escarpments that surround the property.

Anyone scouting for potential filming locations in Kangaroo Valley should first browse through the Desiderata portfolio.