Main Living Area


The main living room

The main living room is truly an exceptional space at Desiderata. It has a 6-metre-high cathedral ceiling with wooden trusses overhead. The room is surrounded by glass to open up the home to allow the magnificent views to be appreciated.

This large area contains both the dining room and a lounge/sitting area in front of a volcanic rock fireplace. We provide all the wood needed for a cosy fire and atmosphere.


A fantastic dining experience at Desiderata

The dining table seats 10 and the dining room opens up to the outside BBQ entertainment area with solid glass bi-fold sliding doors – giving a truly indoor-outdoor living experience. The lounge sitting room consists of eclectic designer sofa’s and comfy throws to allow for relaxation - grab a book from the library, a game board from the entertainment room or just a simple glass of wine and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.