The Farm & Animals


Farm Goats & Veggie Patch

The property has five goats – Dill is our large male goat; Salt & Pepper our miniature goats and our Angora haired goats are Thyme and Coriander.

Children can feed the goats from outside the enclosure for a true farm experience (we ask that adults accompany children whenever they are doing farm activities). The goats enjoy raw vegetables and fruit.

Desiderata Kangaroo Valley is surrounded by working dairy farms. It is important to advise children not to wander into the neighbouring properties. However, they should be able to see the cows from our property.

We have a vegetable patch and fruit trees on the property. Please note during colder months the vegetable patch may not be operational. Guests are encouraged to help themselves to the produce when in season.

Stay tuned – Desiderata Kangaroo Valley will be reviving our chicken coup over the coming months and hopefully by Spring 2017 we will have chickens and therefore children will be able to collect eggs.